Turquoise and Carnelian Circle Necklace
Turquoise and Carnelian Circle Necklace

Turquoise and Carnelian Circle Necklace

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One of a kind circle pendant made from turquoise and tumbled carnelian electroformed in copper. The pendant was given a patina to darken the copper to an antique bronze finish. It hangs on an 18 inch antique copper plated chain. The chain can be shortened if you desire.

Note: The stones are natural, which means they may have imperfections. This pendant was created through a process called electroforming, which allows copper to build up over several hours. It is unpredictable and results in one of a kind and unique pieces. However, there may be small nicks, pits and bubbles in the copper as it is a natural process. Additionally, please be aware that over time, the color of the copper will naturally begin to darken.

About Turquoise (December Birthstone):

Turquoise is known as a master healing stone. It is said to help speed up the healing process and may assist in relieving stress. It is believed to be both grounding and protective. It also may help promote clear communication. This stone is also a symbol of generosity and friendship. It is said to bring luck if given to a friend.

About Carnelian:

Carnelian is vibrant orange colored stone associated with success, confidence and good luck. It is thought to remove fear and bring courage, energy and creativity to those who wear it. It is also connected to fertility and sexual energy.