How do I determine my ring size?

The best way to obtain an accurate measurement is to go to a jewelry store. This just takes a few minutes and will ensure your ring will fit. We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Can I send my ring back to be resized?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the unique electroforming process, rings would need to be broken and remade in order to change the size. This could result in broken stones as well.

Will your copper rings turn my skin green?

Potentially. Copper does react with the chemicals in some people's skin and leave a green mark. This is not an allergic reaction and it will not harm you. We seal all of our rings with a protective sealant, but rings experience a lot of wear and tear and the sealant does not last that long. You may put a coat of clear nail polish on the inside of your ring band to help prevent against greening of the finger.

How should I care for my jewelry?

Care recommendations: Avoid wearing while exercising, swimming, bathing, or sleeping. Keep jewelry away from perfumes, lotions, detergents and other chemicals to extend the life of the piece.

Does oxidation rub off oxidized pieces?

Oxidation is applied to the top layer of copper. All of our oxidized pieces are sealed with a protective coating, but over time, the finish can rub off. The length of time depends on how you care for your piece, and the type of piece it is. Rings take on a lot of wear and tear and because of this, the oxidation on areas that rub constantly against your skin can fade back to the original copper color. 

Is your jewelry gift wrapped?

Yes! Your order will come ready for gift giving. We carefully package each piece in a hand-stamped box and tie it with colorful twine. To minimize packaging, we place multiple pieces of jewelry in the same box. If you need an additional box, please send us a message and we can accommodate you!

Is your jewelry made with natural gemstones and crystals?

Yes. All of our gemstones and crystals are natural. Many of them are in their raw form and may have imperfections. If you ever would like an additional photo of a stone/piece of jewelry, please do not hesitate to ask.

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