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RockAndy Designs Electroforming Tutorial | Downloadable Guide

Electroform Jewelry Beginner's Tutorial

This downloadable PDF tutorial teaches you about the art of electroforming, the materials you need to start, and how to avoid newbie mistakes.

The 20-page guide covers the materials needed to get started, 

  • The materials you'll need to get started
  • Safety information
  • An introduction to electroforming
  • Rectifier 101
  • How to set up your equipment properly
  • How and why adhesives are used
  • Tips and techniques for using conductive paint
  • How to use sealant properly
  • A walkthrough of making your first piece
  • And a glossary of common electroforming terms

Electroforming Supply List*

Interested in electroforming, but not sure where to begin? These are the products I personally use to create electroformed jewelry. 



*Please note: All tutorial sales are final and I receive a small commission for purchases made through my Amazon list.